Web Design

When having a website developed, designed and setup you have a lot of variables to consider. I have tried my best to accommodate all of these for you. I believe it’s best to give you set prices to choose from. I do offer custom quotes, but generally they will be similar to the set prices. I have lowered my prices to the best possible. I don’t have to pay for office space, employee wages, etc. This makes my overheads minimum. It will be extremely difficult to find a designer who can do the same job as me for the same price. This puts me in a position where my services are unique, cheap and sought after.

I’m located in Western Australia, Perth. However I am available to design websites for all countries of the world.

I offer from very basic packages to more complex. I can put together a large amount of add-ons and products to meet your required needs.

All packages include a WordPress CMS installation to the Linux server of your choice, excluding the Basic HTML package.

Toggle Way Web Design provides a well-priced and good quality web hosting service to host your brand new website on.

Basic CMS Templates

- $399.00

Do you want a good looking, professional and clean website for minimum cost? Then this is the package for you.

The difference between this package and the others is that you choose from a website template that has already been created, rather than paying the extra to have a website designed from scratch. With your logo, content and images, this pre-made template will become your very own look and feel.

The following is included:
- 1x Pre-Made Template.
- Content installation and design for front page and up to 8 additional pages.
- 3 rounds of average customsations of the template before launch.

Where does the $399.00 go?
- $100.00 (Purchased template)
- $299.00 (My service fees: installation, setup & customisation)

All packages include:
- Installation of content for the home page and 10 additional pages.
- Analytics (Statistics for your website).
- Good clean and friendly SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
- Great customer service support, including a Toggle Way website login for FAQ.
- .favicon (Icon located in your internet browser tab)


Site maintenance
Can be for either pre-existing sites (external) or web sites designed by Toggle Way.

How much will it cost?
I can’t give you a general price to this question, as it can vary from site to site, depending what you require. Get in contact with me and we will work out a solution just right for you.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or situations that fall outside one of these packages, then please send me a message and we’ll work out something that greatly benefits you and your future.