In the simplest terms an eCommerce website is an online store. Giving you the ability to expand your physical store onto the internet, where most people look for products before they go shopping. It is a known fact that more and more people are switching to online shopping, both sellers and buyers. Bringing your business online can expand your market to shoppers you could of never reached before, whether locally or internationally. Perhaps you’re a new business that wants to soley be ‘online’ focused, then this is also a great opportunity to grab hold to one of these packages.

Want to know more: What is ‘Ecommerce’?

I can make and style your ecommerce website around 1 product or set it up for a large catalogue of thousands, it all depends on your requirements. No project is to simple or complex, together we will get the desired results you seek.

All packages include a WordPress or Joomla CMS installation depending on your requirements. Installation is to the Linux server of your choice.

Toggle Way Web Design provides a well-priced and good quality web hosting service to host your brand new or pre-existing website on.

eCommerce CMS Templates

With the information you supply I will send you a few examples of templates (pre-built/designed sites) that best fit your requirements. Once you select one I will set it up and do a few average changes to get it looking how you want. This is ideal for those who don’t want everything customised from the ground up, but are after a good looking online shopping website that still has their business appearance and feel.

The following is included:
- 1x Pre-Made Template.
- Content installation and design for front page and up to 8 additional pages and a few product setup examples.
- 3 rounds of average customsations of the template before launch.
- Integrating your Gateway merchant payment method. (If generic gateway)

All packages include:
- Analytics (Statistics for your website).
- Good clean and friendly SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
- Great customer service support, including a Toggle Way website login for FAQ.
- .favicon (Icon located in your internet browser tab)

Requirements that you need when setting up an eCommerce website:

Toggle Way offers:
- Web Hosting
- Internet address (URL): example: .com .net .org .au …
- Shopping Cart website
- SSL Certificates

List of things you need to start an ecommerce business:
- ABN (Australian Business Number) or similar depending what country you are living.
- Online Merchant account.
- Bank Account Setup
- SSL Certificates


Site maintenance
Can be for either pre-existing sites (external) or web sites designed by Toggle Way.

How much will it cost?
I can’t give you a general price to this question, as it can vary from site to site, depending what you require. Get in contact with me and we will work out a solution just right for you.

If you have any thoughts, ideas or situations that fall outside one of these packages, then please send me a message and we’ll work out something that greatly benefits you and your future.